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Timber products

Sawn timber with dimensional accuracy

A first-​class end product of sawn timber can’t be created without top-​quality raw material. And that’s what we produce.

The durability of our products comes from the high quality features of the Finnish wood. It has a high density of the grain and a thick portion of heartwood. Junnikkala products are made of possibly the strongest wood in the World.

In addition to durability, our products are characterized by dimensional accuracy and a high level of finish.

Junnikkala operates with the aim of fast delivery and great flexibility of the services. We produce upto 360.000 m³ of different kinds of redwood and whitewood products in a year in Finland.

Thanks to our service attitude, know-​how, modern technology and our own forest department, we can fulfill our customers’ requirements, for example for sawn timber of certain dimensions and lenght. The perfect end product starts from choosing the material right. The whole service chain of Junnikkala is reliable, and so are our deliveries.

The pine and spruce we process into redwood and whitewood timber are suitable for all kinds of wood construction. Our products range from durable construction timber to high-​quality cladding panels and beautiful terrace products.

Our customers include large house factories, timber sellers, construction companies, carpentry and planed goods industry in Europe as well as in Asia and North Africa. Junnikkala delivers products to 40 countries throughout the world.