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Fresh energy and expertise in Junnikkala Sales


Mister Roope Säteri has started as the Sales Manager in Junnikkala where will be responsible for European sales.

Mister Säteri is a business and economics professional with his academic background from the University of Jyväskylä. He has versatile experience in working in several roles within the sawmill industry with recent responsibility focused on the export of timber products.

Mister Säteri will breath fresh energy and expertise in to our sales team. We believe he will have a professional touch in customer service in the high quality Junnikala way, Sales Director Junnikkala Veli-​Matti Junnikkala says.
The whole Junnikkala staff is welcoming him to get rooted in the competent team and to forward both the Northern Finnish sawmilling and European customers success story.

The opportunities and new client prospects in Europe are something to really look forward to. I am an avid learner keen on developing the customer relations and sales together with skillful Junnikkala team.

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