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Petteri is the man to help the customers from stump to sale


Name: Petteri Nauha
Position: Domestic Sales Manager
Education: Sawmill Technician
Annual rings in Junnikkala: 16 years in various positions from production to sales. Worked for the company for five different decades.
Roots: In Kalajoki. Outside of work the energy comes from nature and exercise, preferably combining the two.
Main tool: Mobile phone, pen and notebook
Junnikkala’s best-​known product: Exterior cladding products, in which Junnikkala is one of Finland’s largest producers. Advanced technical know-​how in processing, both in planing and surface treatment.
Wooden eye: Glulam cladding is one interesting and durable option for construction.
Motivation at work: Challenges and positive customer feedback. Budgets and goals guide operations, but the sense of success comes from satisfied customers.

“Petteri on the phone….”

The cooperation with many customers of Junnikkala begins, when Sales Manager Petteri Nauha picks up the phone and starts looking for the best solutions for construction industry customers. Customers come from factories of prefabricated houses, timber stores and other industrial wood users.

The role of the domestic sales manager also includes much more than sales:

“I plan and schedule the sawing of whitewood processing. I have a lookout position to the process – from logs through to the final product.”

As the phases from stump to trade are intertwined, Junnikkala can react to the needs of the trade in production.

“A lot of finished products are sold from stock, but my work for many customers starts by looking at the profile pictures of the final product and plan from there.”

When construction and rush are combined, it’s a bad thing.

“First, we need to wait a hundred years for the tree to grow, but the hurry starts with customers when the tree is felled: Sawing, drying, planing and surface treatment are done fast and efficiently, but with care,” Petteri laughs.

Too much of a rush exposes to compromises that would not have to be made if there is good planning, thinks Petteri:

“Yes, we should strive for efficiency, but it needs to be paired with systematic planning,” Petteri says, and Junnikkala knows how to combine these two.

Petteri wants to invest in customer care.

“One purchase decision is just a sale, another sale starts a relationship. In Junnikkala, the longest customer relationships have lasted for more than 40 years. It shows the quality that Junnikkala has always invested in. Quality is a matter of honor for the company.”

Environmental awareness is also important, and its value is constantly rising. According to Petteri, various standards, certificates and classifications are to be expected by customers, and Junnikkala makes sure that the expectations are met.

Nature. Movement. These are important for Petteri and preferably he combines both while walking in the woods, hiking, skiing and kayaking.

“Most of the time when I travel, I have the best friend of my life with me, my wife. We do a lot of things together.”

Life is also enriched by five grandchildren, with whom Petteri enjoys having fun.

“Granpa is the best.” This is the best line during the free time.

At work it is when Petteri gets to hang up the phone by saying:

… We will send the truck load your way, thank you!

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